Life can quickly become survival if you are not paying attention. Few of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouths, and those that are would most likely tell the other 99% it is not what it is cracked up to be. Challenges are in ready supply and if you do not make time to baby-step to the goals that make you happy those goals will never approach. Our media is a by product of what we want to believe. It is filled with images of celebrities with fairy tale stories meant to convince us that there is a magic wand out there that give people what they want. It rarely shows the struggles people go through for success accurately. The sacrifices that plague them. It doesnt show the pain from the surgeries to look a certain way to fight off aging, it doesn’t show the things done and traded for the limelight, and it doesn’t show the loneliness of working 18 hour days for 4 months in a remote movie set. There is a reason someone has 5 different marriages, and a mega career. Just like there are reasons for some people who are happy at something basic and being surrounded by family.

Each of us have a dream job, house place or idea to strive for, but each of us have the bumps in the road as well. The point is that millions of small steps are going to get you closer to the end of that road far faster then waiting for an opportunity to catapult you careening into where you want to be. While a catapult sounds fun, I am okay with baby stepping. Eventually I can see the top of the hill.

Next week, I get the privilege of putting Damage before complete strangers and smiling. SAC Con, an awesome local Con. I get to see the top of one of my hills. The amazing thing that is Inheritance is out there building up steam thanks greatly to Schumacher busting his butt as hard to get attention as I did to make it look good. Vampire of the lost highway #5 is being thumb-nailed out, and I gotta say this script from Don Smith is killer. I want everyone to feel this feeling, the approach of the hilltop. I want everyone to learn a 2 thousands steps is a mile. They add up, every day. Every time you smile at someone and say hello it builds up your life. Every time you scowl and let the bumps make you stumble you give those steps away. I refuse to hide and build my tomb any more.

I’ll see you at the hilltops, get to stepping.