Sac Con…

At 7 in the morning I found myself carrying in the boxes and setting up my table on march 1st. I was nervous, and jittery. I was fearful in the back of my mind that people were not going to take the time to look at my books, but tried not to show it. After setting up I walked Artist alley and watch each artist erect their temples to the art gods. I was excited.

Nothing prepared me for how it was going to feel at 10am when the doors opened.

I sat at my table trying to look up, and appear congenial. Looking around nervously, and slowly the waves of people began to wade into the tide of nerdism that is a comic con. But in artist Alley at the small distance from the Vendor areas, it was more like a trickle. The first people who made it to my booth was the combination of sweet Grandma and the young grandson she was raising. Both covered in Pokemon. They stopped chatted with me and liked both books so much that they bought them. It was such a goid feeling, to have some one value my work on that level.

I will be returning in October to Sac Con