I am doing things that scare me. I had to schedule another biopsy. Should be nothing… I dearly hope so. it is still freaking petrifying. F@!$ cancer… Still has to be done. I will talk more as it approaches.

Also I am taking a few chances. I bought my first artist alley con table today. SAC Con March 1st. Man oh man so much to do between now and then to be ready. I plan on doing a small run with the money from some covers I did this year for Jolly on KODT. Ill have some prints too.

So come see me on a Sunday in the early spring. Come and say high to the shyest angry bearded man, and if you so choose validate and buy a copy of Damage or prints from Vampire of the Lost Highway, or KODT covers for the nerd in you. Ill be there with the wide grin hiding my fears, and artist self loathing.

Ah hell, its a fight… I don’t run much from fights. Ill be there eating the fear like always.

Angry and hopefully yours