My son a few minutes ago ran into the room. He was singing Na Na Na Na Na Nanna BATMAN! Dressed as batman in his Batman PJ’s and cape. His world has easily defeated monsters and a plethora of reasons to fight them. Yesterday he left on a family outing to see his cousins dressed as a ghost buster. He planned on “splitting ghosts” and trapping them for his Tita’s house was infested.

I remember very well that at that age for me it was He-Man. I only had a couple of the figures but my He-Man was absolutely my dearest possession and all I wanted was to get a sword and maybe a shield and hold it above my head screaming out “I HAVE THE POWER!!!” Now in reflection for me I have come to terms with the fact that a vast majority of my escapism was rooted in something. Every child has the ability to believe… something most of us lack as our aging heart suffers the ravages of reality. It is my opinion though that I hid a bit more than most kids. I hid in books I hid in comics, and my stories. I did not loose the ability to believe in heroes, instead I lost my ability to believe in most people.

James I hope will see things differently. Camille as well. They both seem to trust people and have good temperaments for the most part. Although I admit some of my temper has been passed along. SO far I have not had to stop Camille from beating James with a  log, or James from using an air rifle on his sister, as my brother and I did in the past. I am grateful, then again there are neither logs nor air rifles in my house. It could always be the lack of weapon options and not the lack of dysfunctional anger management.

In 2015 I am going to attend at least 2 or three cons. Hope full at least one of those I have a table, and Camille wants to go with me and dress as Wonder woman. I am not very sure about how I am going to pull that off, because I am not able to leave my table unattended but I still get a little excited when she says things like taht, or when James ties a cape on and dives form the living room sofa. May their days be filled with capes and dreams. May the weight of expectation and disappointment never strip them of their ability to play nor force them to hide in it.

Now please pardon me, I have just been informed that Joker has yet again escaped Arkham and that despite my lack of tights I must join Batman in hunting him down before he and an evil green version of the Flash destroy  a local elementary school.

Angry but Hopefull