When you were in school, what click did you get shuffled into? I showed up as a geek but shortly after my friends were shuffled into  pile labeled by our school chums as “freaks”. Those morons thought it was some sort of social weeding but in the long term I gained friends I still know, rely on and care for.

We were odd to the hicks, the jocks, and the wanna be gang bangers. There were fights, big fights. Geeks backed into a corner and who embrace a title like Freak aren’t the kind who are afraid to scrap. Most of the time they had no idea what to do with us. We were freaky like that, but none of us saw ourselves as  freak. It was a given title, but worn with mocking pride. To us we were gamers, others fashionistas, or brains.

I wonder if when I say Jock with disdain if there’s one out there talking trash about the freaks?


Angrily reflective.