This week I have 2 big things going down. I have my second biopsy since the freedom of remission, and more importantly I am going to begin the submission process for Inheritance with James Schumacher. Both of these things are scary and have tons of possibilities built into them. Its hard but I am trying to focus on the submission, and in all honesty its helping so much. I would probably be a worried wreck without it. I want this so much, more now than at any point in my life I feel ready. Not prepared, just ready.

Yesterday Schumacher called me. I am fortunate to be working with a couple of great writers. He and I have been working on this supernatural book  called Inheritance. I cannot post it at the moment and besides there is still plenty of good Damage Inc. to post. The story has a personal ring to it that attracted me to the script and while I am not at privilege to go into details about it at the moment. I have not been more proud of work I have done. Then again I feel that way usually about every new page.

Point being there was news. Good news and big news. It doesn’t shake the sky but it approaches us to get to the pillars of heaven. Soon I am going to shake them with all my might. I was five when I learned I loved to draw. I was 8 when I learned I love telling stories with it. I was 13 when Damage was born from my friendship with the rest of the card carrying members. I am getting closer with every sketch and every step to the goal of my life since I was in kindergarten. Honestly as momentum continues to build I grow more enthusiastic, more confident and more dreamy.

Listen to me… its been a long time since I sounded like this, and not….broken. My life is not perfect, but I am putting some of the pieces back together and getting closer to being whole than I have felt…. well since ever. I wanted to say since I was a kid but to be honest that would be a lie. While I have a fortunate to be a rock for others I have never been able to be a whole me. I have come close. Or at least I thought I did when I had my house and my career, but when it was all pulled away there was nothing but a gaping hole left….   I think now what the problem was is not that it made that hole, is that the hole was there the entire time.

Loosing everything just revealed it for what it was. I learned how it got there, and I finally came to terms with the fact that its me who gets to fill it in. One bit at a time.

What about you? Are you whole? Or did you do what I did and cover it up with a life built over the top of it like a subdivision on an Indian graveyard?

Fill your hole…