I know some of you want to know about the biopsy. At the moment I have heard nothing, and I am fighting off the torrent of infection that poured out of me after the surgery. To keep my mind off of it I finish Inheritance, rest, begin issue 3 sketches, and play Marvel Lego with my son. It’s amazing how much these heroes mean to me even now. It’s been so long since I picked up a marvel book from a shop but I still get goosebumps thinking about Ghostrider, Daredevil, Spiderman, and the Punisher. For some kids heroes were all they had.

Who was your hero? I know you had one. What hope did the reflect? I really had to believe in justice, in underdogs rising up based on courage. There was so little Justice in my life. I needed Daredevil to take on Kingpin. I needed Punisher to lay gangland to waste. I needed Spiderman to take on the Sinister six. I needed Ghostrider to be the unstoppable Street demon.

I had to believe an underdog could crawl out of the gutter. It was that or I would languish there.

Heroes give us hope.

Hope filled yet still Angr5