When I was about 6 my mom had one of those old school cassette recorders. The black and silver ones where the tape was always popping out. I used it to record my first superhero team. Thunderpuncher and Lazer Blaster. They fought school bullies and scared drug dealers. Thunderpuncher was armored and a big thug. Lazer Blaster shot everything.

Angry Brain is basically that same part of me, just more refined. Not a lot but its a good bit.

All of us are like that. Elements of who we are from so long ago. I feel bad for the angry thugs who never move beyond being the ugly 15 year old bully. I used to hate them. I spent years loathing the past until I realized I was letting them still treat me like crap in my head. Anger is like that. It is so easy to be angry and resentful, to feel the power from all that pain. It takes so much more courage and efforts to move past it. To forgive and understand.

I am not making excuses for Douche Bags, but I have taken a clear look back, and around me now. Bullies and narcissistic jerks are all most always afraid and desperate. Its no excuse though. Any one who is willing to subjugate another person or threaten for any reason short of protecting themselves or their loved ones deserves a healthy dose of Whoopass.

I can look back and forgive but in the moment as my dad always said “Hit him in the mouth. It will hurt your hand like hell but there’s nothing more satisfying then shutting up an A@#hole.” He was right. He just never understood there were other ways.

Bullies are just as susceptible to mocking as we are. In fact more so because most of them are ignorant as hell. Hit em with your mind, use your words to twist them up. Their are more fragile then we are. That’s why they hide by standing on others.

Its not easy, as usual its the harder road. Being a hero always is.