Its Kickstarter Time!

Each of us have our some days, each of us have I’ll get to it projects. One day I’ll run a Kickstarter..One Day…

Yeah screw that…

I may not be able to handle everything I want to in a flash, and I may have to be a responsible adult and father. However I’ll be damned if I don’t keep making headway. Today will be a big chunk of headway because the Kickstarter is being launched. By the Kickstarter I of course mean the Damage Inc, One. I have studied my ass off, and learned from bad asses like Tyler James and Russel Noelhty about this, and I have prepared a ton.

The Plan:

This thing is running to mid July. I have support from my family, I have support from my comic brethren at Scattered, and the awesome friends I have made at ComixLaunch. I even have the bad asses the Bloodstrings in Germany helping me out. All to help me get the next issue printed and ready for new readers and old.

The Loot:

There be awesome stuff like an alternate cover form Joshua Janes, there is amazingly well made black zip up hoodies with a flipping custom-made and stitched on Center patch and Rockers! and I got me a lunch box, a freaking Damage Inc, Lunch box! Its time to do Kickstarter Damage Style.

However some things are still needed. I need my family I need my friends, and I need those who want to ride with me to support this. Every day I am gonna hoot holler and bark about this, and the earlier I get this popped and shared by those  who support me the better.


So Follow this bad boy HERE. Share it, talk about it, tell me I’m awesome, or tell am an idiot I don’t care but talk about it. Building dreams is like one of those old Amish barn raising scenes. It’s so much easier building a building with 40 other people who have beards. So help me out. Today if possible!

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an online platform to allow people to support projects and help creators bring them to life. They vary from amazing tech advancements, to movies, literature and even dance. In my case I am creating a comic book, Damage Inc. You have heard me yodel about them for years, and by bringing it to Kickstarter I have a chance to get it in front of new people and increase my fan base. It works like this, I create a budget and set a goal to achieve in money backed by supporters. I work in the cost of rewards like books, and or t-shirts etc. As people back they choose a reward tier that matches where they are comfortable and what rewards they want to receive. In that way it is a lot like a pre-order system.

How It works to fund my project:

If I can meet or exceed the goal in the timeline I set. (06/12-07/12) then Kickstarter at the end of it chargers the backers what they volunteered to give. Two weeks later I get the money from my Kickstarter minus fees from Kickstarter. After that I pay the vendors to make my stuff, and once I receive it I ship it out. I am hoping to have everything out by September if things go perfectly, as the book is already complete.



As always my friends thank you.

Time to Angry up and get my Kickstarter on!