It started with Kickstarter

I had a plan when I was thinking about writing this. I was going to quote Van Gogh and talk about how little things add up to big things… Then came 4th of July.

Each year on the Fourth we go see Fireworks in the town I grew up in. They do a decent job with the fireworks, and My best friends childhood home is right near the giant park where the lights go up on display. His family is kind enough to allow us to park there each year.

When I come slowly up that drive way each year its like falling forwards into my memories. This night was no exception, and ok….. wait it was an exception. You see this time Camille asked me questions about the house. It made me, well it made me think.

It was overwhelming

It made me think about all the hours, all the days, and all the years, I spent there. Matt’s family gave me a refuge and welcomed me in a way I had never seen before in my life. His mother put up with my drastically different point of views, and she fed me when ever I was there. It doesn’t sound like much as I am typing it, but for me that house was a safe haven I didn’t know I needed.

I read the Crow there, I read TMNT there. Matt and I started Damage Inc. there.

When I got home my mind was still filled with what was going on in my head. I tried to thank his mom and choked on the words to tell her. I got it out because it was so important to me, but still it just stuck in my mind.

I went to bed exhausted and destroyed after a very long day. So much I didn’t have the strength to see that the Kickstarter had climbed up to 100%

100 MUTHERFUGGIN % 5 days left… Last push FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!

DAMAGE INC. is more than just a book for me. True it is filled with Sarcasm, gunfire, supernatural hot chicks… but it is more than that. This world I write about, the one I draw, the one I make for all of you is my thank you for the fact I had a Sanctuary. It’s my gratitude I woke up breathing after a year of chemo and radiation, its my thank you for staying alive long enough to talk to Camille about this. My gratitude I saw my wife smile before I fell asleep last night.

Tonight I ask all of you after you read this. What are you thankful for? How do you show it? What are you building? It could be something small, Matt is out building an empire, and another buddy of mine is continuing his education. One other member of Damage teaches kids every day the code of Bushido because the way is how he found his center.

Why you build, what you build, is just as important as what you are building. Tell me about it, let it out. I want to hear all about the old car in your garage that you wrench on, the three young goats your bringing along without their mother. Celebrate your thing, celebrate your why.

If we all did this world would be a more honest and lovely place.