I can hear theme music. Have you had that moment? I am sure each person seeing this can recall a moment in their life where things were going well. Something they were doing was beginning to reveal the depth and success of dreaming. That’s where you get to hear it, our theme music. It usually starts for me with a deep beat in the distance, and when it comes on with the metal I am there moving to the music.

I would tell you this is a marathon, that beat is built on sweat blood and tears made of sacrifice. But the beats still there. Inheritance is a culmination of things built from some terrible experiences. Schu writes it successfully converting his loss into story lines. My hands forge those frameworks mixing with it the near death sentence of the oncology ward. It all adds up to the book flowing out into grayscale glory.

Years ago I was told my style could never be commercialized. I was also told that my preference for black and white was antiquated and a dying art…I was also told I would most likely die in the next 30 minutes once. For a long time I listened to the Mustn’ts but goddamn it at a certain point I shut them off.

If you wanna hear your theme music stop listening to the mustn’ts.

Listen to the friends and family who are singing along with you. In many cases they can hear your theme music better than you can. My life is built on the family and friends who have been supporting me. I can not thank them enough. One way though, is to never listen to the mustn’ts ever again, to always sing my theme music, and to help them hear theirs.


Boom…….Boom…….Boom….Boom….Que Guitar solo


As of today Outpouring is rocking this book In the store, and we will be over in Rocklin on FCBD at Kens Comics and Collectibles on May 7th. The follwoing week we are supporting an interesting event at Sac Anime Gives Back. Camille will be there with me coloring Sketch cards (She keeps all of that mula from people buying the sketch cards, so come support my blossoming 8 year old artist.)