• I got a phone call from my dads caretaker, Dad was in the hospital again. 2 hrs away, and it was another stroke. This was stroke 12 or such, Diabetics get mini strokes. She said I should come right away, but I didn’t believe her. 2hrs later a doctor calls me to tell me I need to come down there he’ll be dead in the next hour or so… My hero died that night, alone in a hospital bed.


  • I’m telling my children my favorite dad story. James asks for them now every night. They watch me every day make my comics. They know Damage Inc. and whats more important they ask questions that help me understand it better. Tonight was no exception. All day Camille and James were feeding me ideas for The Ballad of Nod. James as an examples wants to build things like weapons that give you super powers.
  • Camille though wanted to know why her power was a psychic roar…
  • So we talked about Dad. We retold the story about thieves. We examined what it took for Dad to walk in to that house filled with Meth heads, and how just with his voice he shut them down.

Founding member

  • Tonight James asked me tge first member of Damage¬†Inc.¬†was? He assumed it was me. I gave it a name, Matt helped me find it, my brothers made it family, but I wasn’t the first.

The first was Dad,

The Immortal Pitbull Jim

  • He was an outcast who built his family out of friends. He was a storyteller, and he was our hero. All of us see him that way. I know he wasn’t perfect. But to us he was so much more than an aging diabetic with a sweat tooth, a problem with authority, and a failing addict.


Good night Dad, you are missed.