I am posting today as the wind outside is gentling caressing the foothills of northern California with the scent of Summers end. I love this time of year. The long evenings for some reason speak to me about adventure and sooth my imagination into activity. You will find today that a patch reminiscent of an outlaw biker gang is upon the site. I threw it together in a moment of inspiration, and in all honesty will rework it a bit in the near future. I am working on an anthology for Damage that I am most pleased with at the moment, but Evil moose would prefer I limit my posts of the pages.  When I look at that patch though it brings my to different palces.

It reminds me about the family I forged having mine been broken, and it reminds me of discovering the things I like and who I am. It also reminds me of where I came from. My most favorite memory attached to Damage and what it means to me is meeting the closest friend I have, and all of the things in my life that improved once I knew I was not alone any more. I would not even have my wife if it weren’t for those guys. They are my brothers, and the characters in Damage besides their faults still see each other that way. Hopefully through out the challenges and changes in the story that doesn’t get dismantled, but even in real life fast bonded friends go through change. 

On another note this seems to be a season of change in my life. There are things I did well in the past falling apart for me at the moment and I find myself having to rebuild my own identity in far more ways than I am comfortable with. That however is the price of significant change I imagine. I look about me and I see others going through more similar ones than I would prefer. Wounded children trying to be adults but not knowing how to be them. Marriages breaking under the weight of resource challenges. People dwelling on vices so long and deep that they can not return from the holes they are digging. There is hope though. I see others changing for the better. For some leaving behind the guilt of the past and moving through in to a more free life is amazing process to see. Seeing children blossom into their potential despite the difficulties of not having everything still bewilders and impresses me. I am grateful to find so many sources of inspiration.

My wife for instance. She has found enough strength in herself to put up with my stupidity for nearly 2 decades and not kill me in my sleep. That’s impressive in itself.

D.amge F.orever F.orever D.amage