Camille James and I watched a lot of WB animation this week. As always that studio shows what bad ass storytelling is. It’s thrilling to see heroes rise. Gives me hope. When we got to Son of Batman though it wasn’t about the rise. It wasn’t about bad ass ninja fights. It became something different.

Early on there’s a scene where Ras is talking about his love, and Pride for Damian. There’s a huge attack just after in the fight the grandfather takes on a dozen men before an explosion from a missile burns and hurdles him. The fight continues and Damian and his mother are drawn away forcing their attacker away. It’s Damian who runs back to his Grandfather… He finds him where he had crawled inches from a Lazarus pit…

James asked a question. “Daddy what’s a Lazarus pit?”

“It’s something Ras uses to come back from near death.”

“Can it heal anything?”

“Pretty much.”

We watched the rest of the movie. At the end Talia is beaten shot and dying… Batman stays to save her as Damian runs off to face Deathstroke. He gently places her into the electric green waters, and she slowly floats away.

She opens her eyes after a long beat, and rises from the pit.

James has another question.

“Daddy do you know where there is a Lazarus pit?”

“No son, I wish I did but Batman keeps his secrets well.”

“That’s not fair. If we knew where one was we could put Grandpa Jim in it. “

Nerd tears flowed, not because he thinks Batman is real. That’s cool. But because he wanted to see his Grandpa. Like Damian did. Camille remembers him a bit, and James only has the stories. Maybe it’s for the best. I spend time mourning, but deep down I know both kids are better off this way. Dad had faults, this way living in my stories he gets to be what he could no longer be in life. James wishing he could bring him back shows me its been working. May they always see him as a hero to look up to. We all need those heroes, I’d say just as much if not more than a real Lazarus pit.

Angrily but gratefully yours.