Shadow Damage its nearly done and nearly here!

Shadow Damage is the name of the cross over arc for Shadow hunters form Jason Dube and Damage Inc. Scattered comics was fantastic in suggesting a cross over and Jason and I have been talking about this for over a year. There is nothing quite as fantastic as collaborating without Ego and working with someone you respect. Shadow Damage is basically a punk rock bar brawl with things that go bump in the night and my metahuman bounty hunters looking to score…

This is one of not 2 but Three covers! that will be rocking a kick starter in April/May time frame. So enjoy the awesome and keep in mind there is a ton more to come as we explore the Shadow Damage Arc. Its been amazing fun creating the story and I know there are some Cera fans who will be excited to see she grew form the last story.

Some growth from the first story arc:

Kira will be posting on the Kick starter in character! and helping me rock everyone minds about what went on for her between the story-lines. We have also mixed in a bit about the kinds of mental illness being a bad ass empath can create. Our family has had its share of Manic and imbalance. Cera is going to let you peak into it just a bit.

Kungfu love

I also got some great fight scenes into the artwork that I am enormously proud of. Ah hell who am I kidding I live to draw fight scenes. Without them I feel empty and hollow inside. Some books just aren’t written for me, but this one was! Shadow Damage is a fantastic way to pick up and start with both groups. You get to see and learn about how both of them tick.

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