The dice hit the table...

Each of the warriors looked about them in the darkness, there was something there. Something large hand moved into the darkness of the room, and for a few moments its presence was only felt by the feeling of something large moving in the dark displacing an acrid bit of air as it lumbered.

................... aw crap you guys are surprised.

Ah hell,  its been a long time since we gamed. Damage though always rolls deep when the dice are on the table. four of us and myself managed to make the trek to dive into the Hackmaster. (Most superior of all fantasy rpg.) It was such a welcome needed respite for all of us. Damage used to meet once a week at my house. For eight years I nearly had three men as room mates with Maricar. I am sure there are moments that I was too much for her in hind sight. Honestly though my years of gaming fostered my mind in ways that I still enjoy.

The sound of the dice still call to me like an undead pirate looking for gold. This night things went well, we made two characters to update the party, and fell upon the darkness that is under the earth. There are drow there, nasty dark elves, and far fiercer things. The game went fine despite a rather dramatic surprise roll by a rust monster with a taste for plate mail. We enjoyed every roll and every moment at the table. I can not wait to go back again.

Iw ant to hear about gaming, if anyone wants to thread this one up tell me about a time your party got surprised. I will reward it with a post about my nastiest moment.... Poor Badger,