I have an argument commonly with my sister. Actually its kind of common among other circles as well. The basis is the Talent vs Skill argument.

Does Talent Exist?

When I was a kid I loved hearing “Your such a talented artist!” or “You are so lucky you have a talent I don’t have one.” Now? I hate it. I actually see it as insulting. God didn’t give me some gift. I have spent countless hours since I was six training myself, training my eyes, my hands and my mind to communicate. While other kids were playing soccer, or going to parties I was home alone trying to create. Mind you most of that was self driven as a result of social anxiety, but in the end it was my sacrifice building up my tool box of DOOM. Inheritance and Damage Inc. sits on the back of those years of perseverance.

I would have loved to be born with an innate talent, but what I was born with was a lack of coping mechanisms that translated for me into a professional level skill. It would have cool to be truly gifted and a special snowflake, but I’m not. I’m a master craftsman, saying it was some gift that I just happen to be born with, lessens the value of what I do. My sister Kira was not born a poet, she was a pain in the bottom and her life lead her into hours of crafting rhythm to become the skilled poet she is today.

If I took a bad ass talent with pansy ass motivation and put them on project A and stood a person next to them with B lister talent but if you want to stop me you’ll have to kill me attitude on project B, I’m putting my money on project B. Life happens to everyone I’m not talking about struggling to handle the insanity being mortal and not with massive resources. I’m talking about someone who wakes up wanting to get it done. I’m fortunate. My friends and family have made so many thing possible for me. I think often I would have broken long ago with out them.

One of the Damage Inc. members was talking to me about the great things we are doing lately. All of the work building to so many great things for Inheritance. Someone close chimed into the conversation and said Your so close to blowing up James don’t quit! Your going to do something great!” My answer was simple. “This time god will have to pry my work from my cold dead hands.” Lonny turned to me and said. “It’s about time James.”

I said once a long time ago on the blog, at a certain point I thought of myself as someone in a perpetual fight. One of the freeing thing about being sick is at a certain point I became someone worth fighting for in my head. Each of us are worth that. How many things have we all given up on? How many of us wanted to be a Doctor or a Detective? How many wanted to own a flower shop or a bakery? The things we love are so valuable to us, the problem is we are not always valuable to us. Reality makes it a challenge to get up and chase dreams. I get that, I struggle nightly with it. This time though even if a mountain lands in front of me I am not turning around. None of us should. How much cooler would the world be if we chased our dreams?

You know where this starts? Somewhere when we were 3 a dream began, we wanted a unicorn farm, we brought the idea to someone we loved and trusted. “Oh honey that’s not possible.” Somewhere when we were four we wanted to be a painter “Oh honey that job doesn’t pay well” I had a scrawny 98lb kid show up to work for me a couple of years ago. He quit after 2 days. “Sorry man this isn’t for me, I dream of being a UFC cage fighter.” He left, and at first I talked smack about it, lets face it though, he was braver then I was. I have no idea if he’s fighting somewhere now, but I hope he’s training and I hope he’s busting ass.

It’s so easy to look at something we don’t dream of and squash it, but that is where the talent comes from, it comes from someone encouraging us and the family and friends we have helping us become the person who won’t give it up.

Todays image is from Ballad of Nod. This is my bed time tale for Camille and James. Kira is helping me to script the over all arcs and develop some concepts beyond the first issue. Lilly is the amazing daughter of one of the Damage Members Mike, I introduced him to everyone as his Gate character was sketched up recently. Lilly was born in perseverance. She had so many medical issues when she was born there were some frightening hospital events




Now go raise some Unicorns…

So Sayeth the James