Continuing on the hero discussion. I want to address villains. I grew up fearing T Bird and the insanity of James O’Barr’s the crow, #Shredder from TMNT, watching #Legend the best Tom cruise movie, #Beastmaster, He-Man, Saturday morning Cartoons. The villains were unapologetic , snide, crazy, destructive. They were freaking Villains. Because they were villains it made it not only easier to see the heroes, but easier to aspire to them. Good villains make good heroes. Superman is really boring without a cold-hearted Lex, he is the equal but opposite mentally making the challenge a game of wits not strength. What #Kraven did to Spiderman was amazing, Venom they way he was supposed to be thank you Todd McFarlane. Luke is a whiny teenager without  Mutherfriggin Darth Vader who was also turned into a whiny teenager in the prequels, and whos grand son is a whiny teenager…oh damn whiny runs in the family. The Joker, come on the freaking Joker if he had accepted help in Killing Joke it would have freaking ruined the bat Universe.

I have been watching a bit of #WWEwrestling lately. I friend had suggested I look into some of the behind the scenes stuff about character development for some of the legendary wrestlers as a way to understand the character development of my little corner of the multiverse. The concepts in the development of the Heels took on a relevance for me as I listened to the #stonecoldpodcast was a bit enlightening. For example I really hated MAN of STEEL. How are they related? Let me see, I can not identify with Supes in that at all, and I really hated the movie over all. It took me a huge amount of time to understand why and it boils down to the comparison between Sups and Zod. It’s not that the boy-scout waxed Zod, a hero who has no choice but to kill someone isn’t an issue for me. It’s that Superman is not the beacon of his archetype that he is supposed to be, letting his father die for example showed me that he put himself above others, which is not supposed to be a superman trait, and Zod…. god they freaking ruined Zod.

The snyderverse struggles to make superman into a viable money generating machine in comparison to the mighty Disney/Marvel steam roller. ONe of the things they tried in Man of Steel was to take a classic villain, Zod, one of the major bad asses of nerdom, and make him a villain that was more human and understandable. In that capacity they misfired as bad as they could for me. Making him a Soldier desperately trying to save his people humanized him. He is supposed to be Nazi superman not someone I sympathize with. I need to hate him, I need to loath him, that fear raises the opinion of the man who defeats him. The same thing goes in wrestling, the biggest heals like the MR McMahon character make the Stone cold and the Rock more believable. Hogan was not as awesome without Andre or Million dollar man.

What we got instead was a humanized villain who while about to extinguish earth was doing it to save his whole race from extinction. A superman strong enough to cover his eyes and block the lasers with his hands without being hurt, who is willing to destroy half the damn city but snapped Zods neck instead of a minor inconvenience, and once again….. didn’t save his father despite being able to move faster than people can see. Thats like watching Hogan cheat to beat Andre

A villain should be irredeemable, a humanized villain is an inch form an anti-hero it doesn’t work in a hero story because it lessens the hero. The Hero is the person who makes the hard choice to do what is right above what is easy to be something to aspire to. No aspiration, no hard choice, no irredeemable villain and we have modern life, and I do not read books or watch movies to see real life. Our unfortunate reality gives me enough grey zones. I need something to aspire to, I need a target for me frustration. Middle of the road heroes and villains make for middle of the road stories, and that is not my thing.

Battery has no compunctions about conscience, this guy is a mercenary pure and simple. He’s a man who sells violence to bidders and enjoys his job. He will be one of the two villains Damage has to deal with in their next chapter.