I didn’t grow up with a huge amount of friends. Honestly I was not good with social skills, and I understand that now. I was always looking for a friend though, searching for something or some one that would allow me not to feel like I was alone. Being alone, and withdrawn into my own world was my defense mechanism. I didn’t know it at the time but my siblings and I drowned in levels of neglect and abuse from my parents addictions.

That changed 7th 1992. A very talkative kid was walking around in my art class Freshmen year of highschool. It sounded like he was trying to con some one into some one helping him with something. Right behind me a round faced asian kid was talking to him and i heard something. “…it’s a game where you get to be a superhero…” I was an extreme introvert. I literally would rather get into a fist fight then talk to some one, but these strangers….I heard super hero. I found enough gumption to ask if I could see the book. Matt handed it to me, and asked if I wanted to come play thus afternoon….

Honestly I went to Matt’s house, and I played Heroes Unlimited with him. We spent every afternoon, and every weekend playing literally through high school. Matt and I are close to this day, the asian kid was Lon who introduced me to my wife, we played every week with Wayne, Kender, Chris, Stevie and Aaron. Later on there came so many other brothers, Mike, Jay, Eric….. We were Damage Inc. in the world I created. We fought villains, dragon, even foul corrupted gods….

Each battle got me through another week of emptiness. Each story let me survive, Orange soda, and heavy metal driven therapy mixed with Dice and hordes of justice…

To quote my kung fu laden brother…”We’re mutherfriggin DAMAGE!”